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Soul Eater Rate!

Soul Eater rate 8D;
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souleater rating community
Welcome to Souleater_rate ♦ The rules ♣ The applications & Stamps ♥ About us mods ♠ The affiliates & credits
Oh hat thar. I'll be your host of this community, you can call me Britty :3
This is like any other stamping communities you've probably been too, but incase you don't know how this work basically you fill out an application and people vote to see who in Soul Eater you most resemble :)
This community was created by xtiggzie & it's co-mods are the lovely veresade & kirkland!
The stamps were made my xtiggzie, don't alter them in any way, though it's really not like I care.
1. PLEASE STAY ACTIVE. Even after you get stamped, please continue to vote for others. Communities don't run unless we're ALL willing to make an effort!
2. You MUST join the community to post. Unless of course you ask nicely then I might just consider letting you post a friends/siblings application ;o
3. Please post everything under an lj-cut. It's already provided for you, so use it?
4. Oh yes, answer honestly. Don't just answer to get your favorite character. That defeats the whole purpose o_o
5. Make the application readable. No chatspeak and what not.
Example: "omg, lyk i lyk souleater!1!!1!1@11" or shit. Try answering properly. I'm not a grammer freak, but try to make it so people understand.
6. Don't just give one liners, this doesn't help us. The more accurate the answers, the more accurate the results.
7. Don't flame/bash other people. Lets have a nice community, shall we?
8. You'll get stamped within 3-5 votes of the same person or a week. I'll update things once a week or whenever I feel like it, school's been a total whore to me so I might not be able to come on as often as I do during holidays.
9. You can vote even if you are not stamped. Infact, I encourage you to vote.
10. You do have to link to 3 applications before applying yourself!
11. If you want to re-apply you'll have to wait a week after being stamped.
12. Please bold your votes when voting. Makes tallying votes easier for me, thank you! It'd be nice if you could give a small explanation, although it is not needed because I MYSELF do not give explanations.
13. Put 'Symmetry' or 'Symmetrical' somewhere in your subject to let me know you've read the rules. >:3

I'm currently done most of the souleater stamps. In the making of the rest. You CAN still vote for people who don't have a stamp yet. Slowly gradually adding to this list, it's just these are the main characters people get voted as all the time so -shrugs-
[#]Black Star~
[%]Death The Kidd~
[=]Death Scythe~
[~]Dr. Stein~
xtiggzie;Britty, best known as the kid who's to optimistic for her own good. Comes from an asian background and is like super smart because of this! This logical kid likes to procrastinate and solve riddles for a living while she eats candy and ice-cream and gets high because of the sweets. Super complex yet relaxed likes to be as EXTREME as EXTREME gets~ Blasts rock & asian music as loud as the volume goes. Get she'll ramble if she doesn't stop here, no joke.

kirkland;Pants; best known as a faggot and hated among most people due to false rumors. She loves chatting on MSN and commenting on Livejournal. She also hates being forgotten about. |:<

veresade;Shouyu or Kechap, a salty black seasoning. Liquid, not solid, nor gas. A knight in the chessboard. Loves to spend most her time in cafetaria along with chocolate bars and mineral water. She sticks her ears to Depapepe and other Asian music, to which she gone mad to. She is somewhat interested in Medusa's snake dance rather than club dance, because it's too aesthetic that makes her scream like WAO. Nature born sly. "CLOSE THE DOOR!!!1!" seems to be frequently said, due to the in-situ-complex she suffers.